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Unparalleled Features

The Aclaró data analytics platform allows smaller businesses and independent merchants to take advantage of many of the same data-driven approaches to sales and marketing as multinational retailing giants.


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Increase your business' revenue with additional analytics through big data with Aclaro

Discover new business opportunities that might offer greater return on investment:

Determine the next popular product(s) by:

predicting trends
forecasting the demand for such products
optimizing pricing for competitive edge
identifying potential customers and how to approach them
selling the product and, finally, determining what to sell next.


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Monetize transaction data

Data is equivalent to hard money for retailers, and Aclaró helps small/medium-sized retailers learn how to monetize their data and maximize the potential for the business intelligence hidden within it. Aclaró creates a tangible competitive advantage for small retailers.


Gain business intelligence from your own business' data

Aclaró offers critical solutions needed to establish trust in the transaction data: proof that the data has a well-documented provenance and proof that no data has been altered.


Q1 2017

Aclaro Was Founded

Aclaro team made plan to revolutionalize the data market

Q3 2017

Prototyped first transaction data source and Aclaro artifacts

Q4 2017

Started development of Off-Chain data store

Aclaro secures initial US$100K funding

Moved into offices - Miami FL

Q1 2018

Proof of concept code and testing

V1 of the white paper

Off-chain beta implementation completed

Aclaro running on testnet and hyperledger fabric

Q2 2018

Applied for off chain store patent

Process over 1M transactions on the Aclaro platform

White paper V2.0

Q3 2018

Integrations to retail point of sale and accounting data providers

Q4 2018

Aclaro V1.0 launch

Q1 2019

Aclaro Dashboard

The Aclaro Token first use in the Eco System

Q2 2019

Integrations to Automotive Data providers

Q3 2019

Integrations to Healthcare data providers

Aclaro Token on major crypto markets

Q4 2019

Aclaro Data Market Open

Aclaro App store open

Aclaro Participant product store open


iOS & Android apps

First Government participant

Aclaro Machine learning basket analytics

Aclaro Participant product store: Automobile for sale

Frequently Asked Questions

About Aclaro

What is Aclaro?

Aclaro solves data storage problems for average users. This patent-pending product works for small to medium-sized businesses to address data storage problems. We use technology to provide solutions that matter, have real returns to a bottom line and contribute to the quality of life of the solution stakeholders. We enhance transparency of transactions via Blockchain technology, out of the box kick ass Apps that use Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and GraphDB's to rock the status quo. We love change and we love making things a lot better than when we found them.

About Blockchain

What is Blockchain?


Blockchain allows businesses to keep track of their transactions easily. Given the frequency with which transactions happen in business – including orders, payments and account tracking – having all of this information in one location makes it easier for businesses to operate.

Through Aclaro, you’ll have access to all of this data in one easy to use spot, which also reduces the potential for fraud and inefficiency. Instead of individual ledgers for each transaction and participant, Aclaro allows users to store all of this data in the same location.

How does Blockchain work?

Each of these transactions are complex, with individual participants having their own ledger. This adds to the possibility of human error or fraud to take place. With blockchain, the reliance on middle-men leads to inefficiencies, causing delays in transactions. Additionally, Aclaro can help reduce the amount of paper needed, creating greater efficiencies for business owners.

Aclaro Makes It Better

Shared ledgers with transactions that can’t be altered prevent tampering.

Consensus among all parties are required before adding information on a transaction to the network.

Aclaro eliminates or reduces paper trails, speeds transaction time and eliminates inefficiencies.

Aclaro Benefit

Benefits of Aclaro

Aclaro’s system works as a record that participants can share through the network without the need to consolidate different ledgers.

Every member of the Aclaro network has the same access, so any confidential information is only shared on a need-to-know basis.

All members have to agree to the data being added to the system and all transactions are unchangeably recorded, preventing deletion and fraud.


Blockchain Benefits for Small to Medium-sized Businesses

  • Can reduce or eliminate inefficiencies
  • Streamline processes and value among your ecosystem
  • Adds transparency in transactions and reduces risk
  • Frees up the flow of money
  • Reduces the cost of doing business through lower transaction fees
  • Upgrades security on transactions and speeds up business processes

Increase your business' revenue with additional analytics through big data with Aclaro

Join the Aclaro pool and use data from all Aclaro users to make informed business decisions.


We take your privacy seriously. For more info, check our privacy policy*

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We take your privacy seriously. For more info, check our privacy policy*

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