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We’re using advanced machine learning algorithms to help businesses in the automotive sector create stronger relationships with their current and potential customers.

Our Mission — See our set goals, objectives and what we are doing to shift the paradigm in the automotive industry

From utilizing financial data to predict which consumers will pay their loan and which ones will default, to analyzing social media data to learn which products will sell best, Aclaró is bringing advanced technology to every company.

From small local dealerships to big players in the car industry, we’re ready to change the way dealers do business and consumers make auto purchases.

Currently, we offer Aclaró TrueView and the Aclaró Social Engagement App to help dealers build stronger relationships, but our development team is always learning, experimenting, and creating new tools. Look for more in the future from Aclaró.

As Fortune 500 companies have begun to disappear over the last few years, the ones that remain know one thing: relationships are pivotal in selling to consumers. Products were once the most critical part of a business, but as products become commodified, it’s the relationship that you form with your customers that will have a broader effect on your bottom line.

Developing and nourishing a relationship can take time and extensive resources, but by leveraging next-level technology, any company can delve deeper into their customer data and leverage it to make decisions.

We are shifting the paradigm of the automotive industry through innovation and creativity — faster than anyone else.



We harness our creativity in technology to create solutions that make a real difference in people’s lives.

Premium Service

Premium Service

We do whatever it takes to make sure our clients are satisfied and that we have delivered on our promises to them.



We believe that every conversation is an opportunity to deliver value and make a difference.



We’re committed to improving customer care for everyone. And we’re a group of people who really love what we do.

Meet The Team

The powerful brains making things happen.

Carlos Galarce


Highly accomplished Senior IT and Operations Executive and a recognized though leader in business growth.

Melissa Tello


Expert in branding and integrated marketing strategies.

Doron Mor


Creator and guardian of world-class customer experiences.

Farshad Fatouhi


Dean of Wayne State University’s College of Engineering • Seasoned expert in computer engineering

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