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Aclaró: The Science of Personalized Consumer Experiences.

Take your automotive lending business to the next level by managing your portfolio risk while increasing revenue. We invite you to leverage Aclaró’s sophisticated artificial intelligence systems to extend the lifespan of your auto portfolio, increase the lifetime value of your current customers, and complete the loan nurturing cycle.

We are so confident in our tools that we guarantee a zero first payment default for borrowers in your portfolio who are willing to sign on a new loan! *Conditions apply. 

How Can Aclaró Help Me?


Simply put, we created Aclaró to help auto lenders increase sales while reducing lending costs. Our mission—which remains relevant today— is to deliver data transparency and personalized insight to our clients.


Large dealerships and auto lenders often invest in complex (and expensive) systems to better understand their portfolio risk and opportunities to tap into additional sales from current customers. Smaller dealerships and auto lenders often don’t have the capacity, expertise, or resources to implement similar systems, making it difficult to compete with some of the bigger players.

This is where we come in.


Aclaró levels the playing field, providing small and large lenders alike with the ability to improve both their revenue generation and risk mitigation efforts. We have developed advanced artificial intelligence systems to offer auto lenders a granular look at not only the loans in their portfolio, but further opportunities to generate more business from current borrowers.


Ultimately, as an auto lender, you are getting the best of both worlds. Aclaró allows you to increase your top line while reducing a significant portion of your operating expenses.

With Aclaró, you can generate new revenue by targeting leads who are ready to sign on to a new loan. We can even guarantee a zero first payment default! On the risk mitigation side, Aclaró’s powerful technology can help you identify troublesome loans in your portfolio. All of these additional savings and cost-savings flow to your bottom line, leading to increased profits for your company.

Aclaro Terms

Loan Nurturing

With Aclaró, you can extend the lifetime value of your borrowers by leveraging an interactive process. Working with a current borrower, you can obtain and analyze granular data to identify new lending opportunities. Aclaró provides core customer financials which could tip the scale when making your lending decisions.

Loan Nurturing Score

Aclaró provides a calculated loan nurturing score, allowing you to easily identify your ability to engage existing borrowers and convert them into repeat borrowers. The score—which is computed from a large selection of variables—can reduce your churn and increase your revenues.

Risk Mitigation

Aclaró provides sophisticated artificial intelligence technology to help you mitigate the risk within your auto loan portfolio. On average, Aclaró was 97 percent effective in identifying a charge-off or paid loan.

Grow Your Business

Simply put, Aclaró lets you make smarter business decisions. Instead of relying on intuition and hunches, you can rely on data and sophisticated technology to grow your business.

The fastest way to accelerate your
auto business is with Aclaró

Scale your auto business with Aclaró software. Increase sales. Reduce expenses.

Fast architecture

Aclaró works as a web app, so you can log in from anywhere and work on processing loan applications. There is no need to manually install software on all the desktop computers of your team members.

Powerful risk decisioning

Our clients use our software for the perfect and smooth auto loan experience. We support micro lending in emerging economies and engage in complex credit bureau eco-systems.

Fraud prevention

Our product is built out of vibranium. This means the highest level of encryption on all level of transactions. Aclaró makes it affordable for solo online lenders and mid-size financial institutions to run their businesses smoothly.

A Seamless Experience

We understand that you are busy. Because of this, we designed Aclaró to be powerful, yet intuitive and extremely easy-to-use. All insights about your borrowers are displayed in a beautiful dashboard, allowing you to quickly identify trouble spots and new revenue opportunities.


Aclaró is always there for you.

At any time of day, Aclaró can help you gain insights into your current auto loan portfolio and identify new opportunities to generate more revenue. Aclaró’s technology lets you easily identify latent demand within your portfolio, which you can later leverage into more sales.


Now you can make easy predictions.

Aclaró’s cutting-edge technology lets you easily spot trouble spots in your loan portfolio. Aclaró developed 432 artificial intelligence systems by training them on tens of thousands of loan records, which result in extremely accurate predictions. Using Aclaró’s TrueViewTM Loan Risk Profiler, for instance, you can better understand which borrowers will have trouble paying the principal of their loans.


Increasing sales has never been easier.

With Aclaró, you can seamlessly identify ways to increase sales. The software can spot those clients who have a great payment history, provide them with a menu of tailored vehicles that are for sale, and prompt them to apply for financing. Because the applicants have already been pre-approved by their lender and have been in good standing, this process eliminates the need for credit reports. It can ultimately save you significant time—all while growing your top line.


Seamless integration at a button's click.

Aclaró’s partnerships with Microsoft and Shaw Systems allow you to incorporate Aclaró into your current systems. Simply put, these powerful integrations avoid headaches and wasted time.


Connecting with your clients made easier.

Business is all about relationships. Armed with Aclaró’s unique insights about your borrowers and portfolio, you can build a close relationship with your current borrowers. In turn, these close relationships may help you separate your lending business from your closest competitors.

Businesses are adopting Aclaró with astounding speed.

54% of auto businesses will invest more in automation software by 2021

Operational efficiency


Smarter decisions in less time.

Portfolio profitability


Optimized portfolio with the most profitable customers.

Client lifetime value


Retain high valued clients for life.

Business owners are boosting their ROI by 20%

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