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About Aclaró

Who are we?

Aclaró makes risk analytics faster and simpler for financial institutions.

The Aclaró platform is powerful software that help clients process more applications with greater efficiency and increase sales conversions with instant, real-time risk decisioning. At Aclaró, we make life easier for both lenders and borrowers.

Before Aclaró,

The auto financing market was full of barriers and inefficiencies. Borrowers found it extremely difficult to obtain financing to purchase a vehicle, even when they had good credit. On the other side, many smaller lenders found it difficult to mitigate their risk and extend the lifetime value of their current borrowers.

We shifted the paradigm

As an auto lender, you’re always on the look out for ways to drive the best consumer experience in an increasingly competitive market. When it comes to closing a deal and getting a car off the lot, every second counts. So, when your competitors are approving loans in minutes, you are sipping your coffee and watching Aclaró make approvals for you, in real-time.

And we succeeded.

We help auto lenders deliver personalized experiences to borrowers. At Aclaró, we empower both big and small lenders with cutting-edge technology so that they can increase both their top lines and reduce their expenses.

While we started with our game-changing risk management product, Aclaró TrueView, we have developed fully-integrated tools that can simultaneously support your revenue generation and risk management goals. From gaining valuable insights about a particular borrower to making it seamless for a borrower to populate and submit a loan application, we at Aclaró are focused on your success.

The data you need, when you need it.

An auto loan system that lets you say yes to
more applicants without increasing risk?
Now that’s Aclaró.

The power of data in your hands

You will say yes faster, and to those who more likely to pay back in full! Aclaró is a top-of-the-line financing platform that lets your risk teams quickly deploy sophisticated risk strategies—so you can make smarter decisions. Our support of advanced data science tools, such as machine learning, helps you get deeper insights from data so you can say yes more, with confidence.

Close deals in seconds, even nanoseconds!

Use sophisticated automation to replace time-consuming manual processes for instantaneous credit decisions tailored to each customer. Tell the Aclaró Platform how you want to handle decisioning, from straight-through processing of credit-worthy applications to flagging complex requests requiring more careful analysis. Aclaró can simplify and streamline the process from end to end.

What drives us


At Aclaró, we aren’t afraid to think outside of the box, whether that is updating our cutting-edge software or helping clients with particular issues.

Stellar Customer Service

Stellar customer service is at the heart of what we do. We treat our clients like family. By working with us, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Our value proposition is clear. By becoming an Aclaró client, you will see an impact throughout your business’ income statement.


We truly love what we do. We bring that passion to our work, going the extra mile to ensure that we exceed your expectations.


The Aclaró team make things happen by using advanced machine learning algorithms to help businesses in the automotive sector.

Carlos Galarce

Chief Executive Officer

Highly accomplished Senior IT and Operations Executive and a recognized leader in business growth.

Melissa Tello

Chief Marketing Officer

Expert in branding and integrated marketing strategies that drive sophisticated results for the company.

Doron Mor

Chief Product Officer

Creator and guardian of world-class customer experiences that help Aclaro stay on top of competition.

Farshad Fatouhi

Chief Technical Officer

Dean of Wayne State University’s College of Engineering and seasoned expert in computer engineering.

Aclaró puts the power of the risk process in your hands.

With great power, comes great responsibility. We look forward to working with you!