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Author: Melissa Tello

State of the Subprime Auto Lending Market

Working in the subprime auto lending market, the tendency is to focus on the threats and opportunities that are directly in front of us. We zone in on our specific subprime auto portfolios and do our best to obtain the highest risk-adjusted returns. Ultimately, it

Why Low Balance Letters Are Not Working

South Florida-based AI Fintech company Aclaró, whose mission is to deliver data transparency and personalized insights to its auto lending clients, has developed an innovative, technologically advanced method of increasing borrower retention rates. Instead of sending out thousands of low balance letters with the hope

The Value of User Experience When Managing Risk

Much has been written about the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence and how it will impact the auto lending industry. While there has been a significant amount of hype, the promise of artificial intelligence is simply game changing. The most obvious application is

The Utility of Current ML and AI Tools in Auto Lending

Auto dealers have heard the hype about how machine learning (“ML”) and artificial intelligence (“AI”) are going to transform their businesses. Typically, there are usually two binary outcomes that are discussed. On one hand, the promise of the future seems so bright. Instead of relying

IBM Study Reveals 62% Of Automotive Execs Believe In Blockchain

Though blockchain use is still in its infancy in the automotive industry, a handful of companies are pioneering its adoption, believing that the technology will radically transform the sector. According to a new study by IBM, 62% of automotive executives are convinced that blockchain will be a

Changing The Automobile Industry Through Blockchain

The car industry is going through a seismic shift as we change our relationship with the open road. Electric cars are here, full autonomy is on the way, ride sharing schemes could consign the very concept of ownership to history and we’re set to see