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Aclaró Products

With Aclaró, you get an end-to-end tool that helps you to leverage every aspect of the loan nurturing cycle. Aclaró’s comprehensive suite of software can help you identify risks in your auto loan portfolio, increase the number of repeat customers in your portfolio, and develop closer relationships with your borrowers. To do this, you can take advantage of all of the products listed below.

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TrueView Loan Default Risk Management

Aclaró’s sophisticated artificial intelligence system helps lenders evaluate their current loan portfolio and identify risk. TrueView—provides risk scores for auto loans in your portfolio. To settle on a score, TrueView considers a variety of factors like credit terms, insurance coverage, and employment and vehicle data. The risk scores are extremely accurate.

Nexus Score

Aclaró’s Nexus Score helps auto lenders calculate a risk factor for their borrowers. Nexus integrates with approximately 10,000 banks in the United States, allowing you to view a borrower’s income and spending behaviors.


Once you have identified warm leads within your current auto loan portfolio, Aclaró clients can take advantage of EngageMe. EngageMe is a survey app that identifies a borrower’s propensity to buy. By using this tool, you can quickly identify a borrower’s vehicle preferences, their budget, and potential loan length.

Nano Profile

Aclaró’s Nano Profile offers a full display of information about a borrower or potential borrower. One of the main benefits of a borrower’s Nano Profile is your ability to monitor life-changing events in their lives (like career milestones or new children) which may ultimately lead to an automobile purchase.

Aclaró MarketPlace

Aclaró MarketPlace comprises an important part of the loan nurturing cycle. Working with Clear Transaction, Aclaró clients can identify a menu of vehicles that are well-suited for a current or potential borrower. When a borrower finds a vehicle that they like, they can apply for financing on the same page.

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