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The Science of Predictive Analytics

Automatically analyze inventory, detect sales pattern and recommend what should be added or removed — the easy way.

Aclaró TrueView: Inventory Obsolescence Minimizer: ML IOML

Fully automated learning system

Aclaró Trueview: Inventory Obsolescence Minimizer is a machine learning system that learns from your inventory and your sales data.

Do you have cash locked up in inventory that is not moving? Are your inventory turns not what you need? Does your current solution look at your sales and inventory patterns to recommend solutions to reduce your inventory that is not moving?

Discover what is selling — and what is not

How would you like a system that learns from your own data about what is selling, what is being demoed, what is moving and then assesses and identifies inventory in your lot which needs to be disposed soon? How about a system that learns your sales patterns and doesn’t try to influence your decisions using someone else’s data and patterns?

Reduce cost, increase revenue

An unsold car is costing you a minimum of $100 a month in interest and insurance fees.
Benefits: Aclaró TrueView IOML gets insight of your data. And continuously learns your sales and inventory patterns change. Easy to use analytics that show you the obsolete product in your lot.

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