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The Power of Customer Data, Right In Your Hands

Let them tell you what you need to know — without hassles.

Aclaro SurveHey App: Customer Experience. Reimagined.

Surveys have long been one of the best tools to learn more about your customers. The problem is, not many consumers are too eager to take a survey for free.

The Aclaró Customer Social Engagement app makes it easy for customers to share their expectations, experience, and purchasing information with you while incentivizing them to share more.

You have full control over the questions you want to ask, and customers are rewarded for sharing their responses.

Creating a survey used to take tons of technical work on the backend, but with Aclaró, it’s easier than ever!

See How Aclaro Can Improve Your Business

Want to try the new Aclaró Customer Social Engagement app? Click the link below to learn more!