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TrueView Loan Risk Profiler:
Know Your Customer

How well can you predict repayment risk?

Accurate Risk Scores

Aclaró’s TrueViewTM Loan Risk Profiler is an artificial intelligence (“AI”) solution that provides risk scores for auto loans in your portfolio. TrueViewTM was designed to present you with a granular look at the riskiness of each and every loan. Using this data and risk scores, you can take preventative action to mitigate risk and elevate returns from your portfolio. In fact, TrueViewTM’s predictions of default have been found to be approximately 97 percent accurate.

Probability Scores Made Easy

Using over 100 data points, Aclaró’s TrueViewTM delivers probability scores for both repayment risk and loan underwriting risk. Factors that are considered include credit terms, insurance coverage, and employment and vehicle data. While TrueViewTM never uses personal information (like names, social security numbers, or credit scores), it is still able to calculate an extremely accurate risk score that you can access with ease.

Constant Innovation

Aclaró’s new Nexus Score Product provides even more insight into a borrower’s ability to repay their auto loan. The product is integrated with over 10,000 banks across the United States and Canada. Security is also an extremely important attribute of the Nexus Score Product, as we use 256-bit military-grade encryption to secure the data. Geo-redundant servers powered by Microsoft Azure also ensure that your data is backed up in a secure location.

Ease of Use

Aclaró’s TrueViewTM is a web application that you can easily incorporate into your current infrastructure. Aclaro’s currently has partnerships with Shaw Systems and Microsoft (with more on the way). Our goal from day one has been to provide you the most complete and relevant data that you can easily use in your day-to-day work. With Aclaró’s numerous integrations and customers-first attitude, we know that you will be satisfied.


Use customer data to predict the behavior of your loan performance. Take a deeper look at active loans and predict their probability of default using Aclaró.

Direct your resources where it matters the most. We help you see around the corner and improve your bottom line by providing you with the Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning tools you need.

Predict lending portfolio performance and most likely to default loans. We train the Aclaró KYC system using pre-existing loans which have been fully repaid.

Deep analysis of your previous and existing loan portfolio using the Aclaró Dashboard. The system provides a dashboard with geographical views of the loan locations by State, individual loan information as well as an overview of all existing loans.

Are you ready to predict your best
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