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Aclaró Default Risk Prediction AI

Assess risk of default in existing subprime loans.

Have you applied advanced machine learning to your loan management operations?

Take a deeper look at active loans and pre- dict their probability of default using Aclaró. We train the Aclaró Know Your Customer system using pre-existing loans which have been fully repaid and analyze the important data attributes utilizing a Net Deep Neural Network.

Direct your resources where it matters the most. We help you see around the corner and improve your bottom line by providing you with the Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning tools you need.

Make verified actionable decisions for your loan portfolio with Aclaró. The system predicts the true dollar value at risk of default, while providing a dashboard with geographical views of the loan locations by State, individual loan information as well as an overview of all existing loans.

Use your data to predict the behavior of your loan performance.

See “around the corner” for a comprehensive view of your loan portfolio. Zero in on risk that is latent.

Predict lending portfolio performance and most likely to default loans.

Deep analysis of your previous and existing loan portfolio using the Aclaró Dashboard.

Access to Aclaró Nano Profiling™ data for each individual borrower without the need to access their credit scores.

Aclaró Nano Profile includes:

• Associated persons

• Current residence

• Past residences

• Professional Network

• Social Network

SkyRocket your loan portfolio management.

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